Every resident deserves to live in a neighborhood that is well-maintained and provides access to quality parks.  Dearborn’s success is rooted in its neighborhoods, and I am committed to providing resources that allow our neighborhoods to thrive.

Prior to purchasing my home, I rented two apartments in Dearborn and understand the importance of inspecting and maintaining rental properties.  A solid rental market is a draw for many young professionals, and Dearborn has the potential to utilize rental properties as a stepping stone to home ownership.  Allocating resources for inspectors and holding rental property owners to high standards are essential to ensuring quality of life in our neighborhoods, and for everyone who resides in our city.  


A sustainable, healthy Dearborn means investing in green technology such as solar panels, enhancing walkability, continuing to expand our bike paths and launching a bike-sharing program. 

Continued investment in teaching students about recycling is key, as our young people have the ability to impact sustainability practices in their households.  Monitoring air quality, particularly on the south end with industrial complexes nearby, must be a top priority.

Attracting and Retaining Business and Talent

Dearborn’s businesses are integral to the city’s success, and diversifying our offerings will attract patrons, spur further investment and attract young professionals looking for a walkable downtown.  Many business are adjacent to neighborhoods, and it’s important that they be good neighbors to residents nearby with regard to safety and cleanliness. 

City employees are the backbone of our day-to-day operations.  Offering competitive wages and benefits packages will help Dearborn recruit and retain hardworking, talented individuals.  As we look to the future, Dearborn has the potential to act as a magnet for talent from around the country and across the globe.  Investing in the professional development of city employees, and ensuring a dynamic workplace environment will benefit the city now and into the future.


I am running a clean campaign, and believe that every candidate should run based on merit and vision.  I am running for every resident of Dearborn and feel that every voice and experience is valuable.  

As a Council member, my communication will be consistent, open and honest.  I will encourage residents and business owners to share their ideas, hopes and concerns and will take action based on our conversations.

Participatory budgeting, a process that invites community members to directly decide how to spend part of a public budget, is another means of transparency I am interested in exploring.  In the event of surplus funds, inviting residents to have a say in how funds are utilized would make for a more engaging, transparent process.