How do you pronounce your last name?

  • My last name is pronounced ‘Burns.’ Thanks for asking!

How can I contact you?

  • Email is the best way to reach me: erinfordearborn@gmail.com

Can you tell me about your educational background?

  • I graduated from St. Alphonsus High School, earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from UM-Dearborn and my Master of Science in Education degree from The City University of New York-Brooklyn College.
  • In 2015, I was selected as a Fellow for the Michigan Political Leadership Program via Michigan State University.  The program brings together twenty four people from across the state and from various political backgrounds to engage in dialogue and learn about the issues facing our state.
  • In 2021, I began working towards the Public Leadership Credential via an online program at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

What issues are you most passionate about?

  •  I am passionate about protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources; the empowerment of women and girls; inclusivity and anti-racism work; education as a human right for all and of course working to enhance quality of life for every resident in our city!

What are your best childhood memories growing up in Dearborn?

  • I have wonderful memories of playing at Argyle-Williamson Park, sledding down the hill at Hemlock Park and visiting the libraries with my family (I’m still an avid patron).
  •  In middle school, I was a Crystallette and ice skating at Adray Arena/The DISC was a huge part of my life.
  • Getting cheese pies from Yasmeen after school and eating at Al-Ameer with my friends in high school was so much fun (and still is!).
  • Visiting Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum on field trips brings back wonderful memories, and now that I’m a member, I go there often.