I was raised and educated in the east end of Dearborn and am committed to ensuring a bright future for our city.

Growing up, I attended Dearborn Public and Catholic Schools, and graduated from St. Alphonsus High School. After earning my Bachelor’s degree from UM-Dearborn, I moved to New York City to become a middle school special education teacher and complete a Master’s degree in Education. My heart was always in Dearborn, and I returned home after several years to contribute to my community.

Currently, I serve as the Chair of the Dearborn City Beautiful Commission. In addition to recognizing outstanding properties and encouraging students to ‘clean up, paint up, fix up,’ I have coordinated neighborhood clean-up programs for the past several years. Bringing homeowners, students and business owners together has inspired me to run for City Council with a focus on community engagement, rooted in the belief that when we come together, we can create positive change.

As a member of Dearborn’s Downtown Promotions Committee, I collaborate with residents and business owners to plan events that bridge our business districts and make use of public spaces. Inviting residents throughout Metro-Detroit to patronize Dearborn businesses and appreciate the beauty of our city is key to economic development, and creates a broader sense of community.

My work in the field of education continues at the University of Michigan’s central campus. As the Lead for Democratic Engagement, I work with students to promote understanding across the political spectrum, focus on increasing student voter registration and prepare students to take the lead on pressing issues. I also manage the America Reads program, which provides literacy tutoring services to more than 1,000 students in grades K-5 throughout Wayne and Washtenaw counties. I believe that access to high-quality public education is a basic human right, and I will always be committed to the progress of our children.

As a Council member, I will be a voice for every resident. My career is centered around understanding community needs, and responding in a way that enhances quality of life and access to resources. I look forward to bringing this proactive, community-centered approach to the Dearborn City Council!